The Other Side of School

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The Other Side of the School (PT)

The proposed training course (in PT) aims to: to view the school as a place of learning that is not limited to teaching and curriculum contents, mobilizing non-formal education strategies. This follows the proposals for intervention within the learning project of ProChild CoLAB, with a particular focus on non-formal education interventions, in the community and school context. School playgrounds, the importance of outdoor space for children, games and socio-spatial interventions are of particular importance here. In the continuity of the Project “The School of Legs for air”, developed at Gondar’s EB1 in this school year, it was possible to identify training needs for teachers, AEC teachers and school psychologists in the themes worked out in this proposal. Thus, this training course will allow to achieve the defined objectives and design the extension of the project to the remaining EB1 of Pevidém for the school year 2021-22. Working the school as something that is not exhausted in curricular contents or in the image of the child-student is central so that the adults who work in them can build a vision of the school space that contemplates the child as a whole, in its specificities and cultures, and that non-formal education can mobilize with strategies and contents of intervention. In order to achieve this vision, the entire educational community is called to participate.

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The Other Side of School
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