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World Children’s Day

June 1st is a very special day, World Children’s Day! Following your mission, ProChild CoLAB will organize and be involved in various actions.

From 9.30 to 16.00, in collaboration with the Municipality of Guimarães, will take place an initiative of auscultation of children of the Municipality of Guimarães, with the Presence of the Executive of the Municipality under the theme “How should be our City for children to be Happy”. The participatory initiative will be held through meetings in several schools in Guimarães with the objective of giving children a voice on various issues related to the subject.

At 18.00, the webinar entitled: “Children’s Culture: Literature, Cinema, Dance and Theater” that will be a space for reflection on the importance of different artistic languages for the construction of specific cultures of childhood with guests from each of the areas, namely Pedro Seromenho (Paleta de Letras – literature), Fernando Saraiva (Anilupa – cinema), Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata (Formiga Anatómica – teatro) Vera Santos (dancer and cultural mediator – dance) with the  moderation of Inês Guedes de Oliveira (University of Aveiro).

Yesterday began, on social networks, the campaign: “Did you know that…”, in collaboration with the partners of the Campaign First Years Our Priority, on the importance of development in the 0-3 years of life and the relevance of investment in this period of development. This campaign will take place all week.

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World Children’s Day – ProChild CoLAB
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