Multisystemic Model for The Prevention of At-Risk Parenthood

  • Prevent risk situations through the development, implementation and efficacy study of a Multisystemic Model for The Prevention of Risk Parenthood (MMPPR) and the construction and validation study of an instrument for identifying indicators of vulnerability in parenthood.

Project Commission
Isabel Gomes | SCML – UIF
Isabel Narciso | FPUL Lisbon (Coord.)
Isabel Soares | UMinho

Ana Polido | SCML – UIF Mariana Barata | ProChild CoLAB
Filipa Gonçalves | SCML – UIF
Joana Montez | SCML – UIF
Margarida Pita | SCML – UIF
Mariana Fernandes | ProChild CoLAB (until September 2022)
Diogo Soares | ProChild CoLAB (until September 2022)
Vera Lúcia da Silva Paço | ProChild CoLAB (until August 2020)
Raul Sousa Martins | ProChild CoLAB (until July 2020)

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