ProChild Data is the ProChild CoLAB observatory that intends to produce and disseminate knowledge about the reality of the child in Portugal, through the integration of a set of information of qualitative and quantitative character in areas directly or indirectly related to their well-being. It is therefore intended to contribute to the design of more effective public policies in the field of children and youth, as well as the development of more efficient intervention models.

  • Promote knowledge about the situation of children in Portugal, with the systematic organization of the relevant information available, from scientific sources and public administration, with particular focus on indicators of poverty and personal and social well-being.
  • Contribute to the production of indicators on children’s living conditions based on the definition of the rights of the child.
  • Contribute to the formulation of child-oriented public policies, based on accurate, up-to-date and rigorous information, crucial elements for the definition of efficient measures.
  • Generate child-centered data as a statistical unit of observation and measurement.
  • Promote comparative study of the reality of childhood in Portugal, through the mobilization of relevant international information and cooperate with national and international agencies in the production, systematization and dissemination of data.
  • Disseminate statistical indicators from a flexible model that integrates information from various sources and different areas.

Amélia Bastos | ISEG (Coord.)

Adriana Sampaio | UMinho
Ana Mesquita | UMinho
Alexandra Ribeiro | ProChild CoLAB
Fábio Teixeira | ProChild CoLAB
Jaime Pereira | ProChild CoLAB
Leonor Rodrigues | ProChild CoLAB
Liliana Fernandes | Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP)

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