The ProChild CoLAB

ProChild CoLab Against Poverty and Social Exclusion (ProChild CoLAB) is a private non-profit Association recognized by FCT as a Collaborative Laboratory since November 2018.

At ProChild CoLAB, our mission is to fight poverty and social exclusion in childhood.

Like all CoLABS, in ProChild CoLAB, we seek to generate economic and social value, being our main differentiating factor the transdisciplinary and holistic scientific approach, based on the alliance between social intervention and technological innovation.

Our main goal is to contribute to an effective social change, placing the needs of children at the center of research and innovation through an articulated collaboration between several public and private entities, linking academics and professionals in the field, developing and applying intervention programs based on scientific evidence and supported by technology.

What is a CoLAB?

Once approved by FCT through a permanent open competitive call, CoLABs are constitute as private non-profit associations or companies. Their main goal is to create skilled and scientific jobs in Portugal, both directly and indirectly, by implementing research and innovation agendas geared at creating economic and social value. CoLAB’s aim at the translation and endogeneization of knowledge and technology from academia to society through collaboration between scientific, technological and higher education institutions, and the economic and social fabric.

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